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    How to crochet a cap

         How to crochet a cap, for all ages with how to take the right sizes, from what we do most in crochet,   making caps for its easy and abundance of use, as we can decorate it and make it the way we love, and how we want it    In order to be able to sew crocheted caps, we need to know the   measurements used in knitting them, so that we can end up with a proper, adequate and error-free card and give a beautiful appearance    Sizes that we need to crochet a cap    The size of the head circumference, by measuring the head…

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    Introduction to crochet

        Introduction to crochet ,crochet? It is knitting or wrapping the thread with small needles, which is a special needle with a hooked shape that we usually call a hook.    The hook has multiple sizes, and each size can be used for different purposes.    The yarns used are multiple, and the materials used vary from cotton, to wool, silk, etc., and there are many companies for wool yarns.    Each thread has its advantages and can be used for different purposes.    This art is used in the manufacture of countless bedspreads, blankets, clothes and home accessories, and the art of making dolls is included in this…

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    Crochet thread

      There are many types of yarns, such as Eliza and Cordoba, etc. There are also fine yarns, including thick yarns. For this multiplicity and diversity of yarns, I liked to write this article for you.  To collect information on the most popular types of yarns, their features, and why they are used.      Types of crochet yarns and their uses    Each thread has specifications, thickness, and features that we must know so that we can choose the thread that best matches the work that we want to do.      Here I tried to collect information for the most famous threads and well-known companies, so I hope…

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    Crochet needles

           Crochet needles or hooks, one of the basic tools in crochet is the presence   of yarnyarn  and needle crochet (hook), and in this article I will explain the meaning of crochet needle,   the types and sizes of needles and their uses, as there are many needles for each type of use in it,   and how the size of the needle fits with thickness  The thread.    These things are very important, and we are able to accomplish elaborate .work   If the thread is thick with a fine needle, it gives us tight, uncomfortable use and .has an inappropriate view   Also, if the…

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    Crochet stitch

    Crochet stitch ,the basic crochet stitch , in order to learn crochet , you must know these stitches, which are included in most of the crochet work, and it is not possible to make any piece except with it, namely:      Chain   Snigle crochet    Slip stitch    Doube crochet stitch , and Treple crochet stitch ,  double treple crochet.   Halp double crochet stitch     Popcron stitch    Fan stitch    Shell stitch    Puff stitch    The  astek stitch(front post double crochet,andback post double crochet)    X stitch (cross stitch)   Reverse Stitch crochet    Braided Cable Stitch    And the method of preserving the limbs…

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    Crochet,  crochet for beginners,  English

    Half double crochet stitch

    Half-double crochet stitch; third lesson for beginners crochet lessons,   teaching crochet from begining to professionalism.  In this article, I will explain how the stitch works, its English name, its abbreviation, its symbol, and its form in pattern.  Use it in clothes  Half-column stitch:  Name: half double crochet.  Abbreviated: HDC.      Form in the pattern:      How to make a half-double crochet stitch:    We start with the start and chain knots and make strings of the size we want, or the number of stitches needed.  Then we make two strings – the height of the half-double crochet stitch – to start with the stitch from the third…

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    Single crochet stitch

    Single crochet stitch: The second lesson in a crochet tutorial series for beginners. In this lesson, we will explain how the Single crochet stitch  works?  What is its name in English, and what is its abbreviation?    How do we make the number of stitches increase and decrease?  What is its use? Single crochet stitch:  It is one of the basic stitches, which everyone who loves crochet must learn.  It is involved in most crochet works,  Its advantage is that it is similar to knitting and has no voids, so it is used in children’s clothes.  A large collection of children’s jackets, jumpsuits and tops made in this stitch spread,…