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Crochet start and chain knot

Crochet start and chain knot is the first lesson in teaching crochet from beginnig, a chain of crochet tutorials from beginning.
Chain kont
 For every lady who loves crochet and wants to learn from the beginning, even if you did not hold the hook before, and did not know anything in this field, to find here everything related to crochet.
 This series contains a set of lessons that enable any woman to make what she wants without resorting to external sources.
 It includes the following lessons, the first of which is the starting and chain knots in crochet
Crochet start and chain knot
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Half double crochet stitch 
 Double crochet stitch, treble crochet stitch , double treble crochet stitch.
 Magic Circle and how to make a circle
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 Which is required in many works
 How to make square chest.
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 How to take the energy measurements
 How to take a size for any piece we want to make
 How to make crocheted dolls
 How to read the pattern in the correct way, the symbols and know their names
 And with that, I presented all the essential and very important things.

 How to start a knot in crochet:

Start chain
 We wrap the thread in an X shape, like this in the inside of the hand, and it is in the form of two rings from the surface of the hand.
 The starting knot in the shape of the palm in the shape of the letter X
 The shape of the starting knot on the other side in the form of a loop
 Using the hook with the hook on it, we pass a tiger from the bottom of the first loop, and we grab the second loop and pull it
 Then we pull the thread from the fingers and pull the thread and the knot is formed, as in the video at the end of the article.
 As in the video, there are two methods that cannot be described in writing. If you like, enter the video at the end of the article to view that.
 We should leave a string of up to 10 cm, we use it to enable the workpiece at first, so that it does not loosen, using a cleaning needle and dispose of it afterwards.

Second, the chain in crochet:

Start crochet
 After making the knot and from within the loop we make the strings
 We grab the thread with the left hand, roll it on the finger (index finger), the hook with the right hand and the loop on the hook, we wrap the thread on the hook from the hook, and pull the thread from inside the loop, and this is the first string, and we repeat this step with the number of chains we want to do.
 The explanatory explanation is in the video at the end of the article.

 Crochet Count number stitch:

 The shape of the string from the top is like the letter V and each letter V is a string, i.e. stitch, and we start with the number with successive V letters on top of each other.
 How to count strings when making a string
 And so we will have completed the first lesson
 We leave you with God’s care and security, until the second lesson.


Explanation in Arabic in  website

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