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Crochet short skirt

 How to crochet short skirt


Crochet short skirt , welcome to this article. I will explain how to
make a short crocheted skirt. 
Summer frequently uses skirts and bright and embroidered clothes, so I can choose beautiful colors to sew the skirt, and I can control the length you want.

How to crochet short skirt

Tools for crochet  short skirt :

 1- Wool in any color you 

 2- Hook size 3.5 (You should coordinate the hook size and the thickness of the thread

 3- Needle to clean excess of strings.
 4- Scissors.

Sizes needed to create a crochet short skirt:

 1- The size of the circumference of the medium.
 2- The length of the skirt.
 Sizes from newborns to 16 years old in the following table
Age circumference medium / cm
 We multiply it by 2 the length of the skirt
     Age        circumference /  Short – long/cm                                                                 
 A new birth.        20                             22
 1 – 4 months.       21.5                          23
 4 – 9 months.       23                           23.5
 9 – 12 months.      25                            24
 2 years                   27                        25- 26
 3 y                          28                        28 -33
 4 y                          29                        29-  37
 5 y                           30                       31- 39
 6 y                           30                       31 – 43
 7 y                           31                       32 – 46
 8 y                           32                       32-48
 9 y                           33                       33-50
 10 y                         34                       34-52
 11 y                         34                       34-54
 12  y                        34                      35-56
 13 y                         35                      35-58
 14 y                         35                      36-58
 15 y                         35                      37-62
 16 y                         36                      37-64
Sizes are extracted from the net, and these sizes change from one child to another,
as there are children who are in good health and need sizes larger than their age.
 You can control the sizes as you want,
for example the size of the skirt is according to your taste,
so the sizes were recorded for the short skirt as well as for the long skirt,
and you choose the size you want to do.

 How to make a  crochet skirt

 First, we create a chain around the circumference.

 The first line

is to make a double crochet stitch in each stitch.

 The second line

we do is the front post double crochet stitch, which is a front double crochet stitch,
followed by a back post double crochet stitch,
we complete the whole line with a front post double crochet stitch and a back post double stitch.

 The third line

we do a front post double stitch on the front post double stitch,
and a back post double stitch on the back post double stitch, and we complete until the end of the line
 Complete the fourth, fifth, and sixth lines, as the second line,
with a front post double crochet stitch and a back post double crochet stitch.
 -astik- skirt



 The seventh line

We make an increase in each stitch, i.e. a double crochet stitch in each stitch of stitches on the sixth line, thus doubling the number of stitches.
 The seventh line divides the number of stitches in the previous line, for example:
 If we start with 90 stitches, it becomes 180 stitches after multiplying, we divide it by 20 and do it as follows:


 19 double crochet stitches and the 20 stitches.
We make a popcorn stitch in it (5 double crochet stitches  in the same stitch,
after which we take the first stitch with a fifth stitch with a slip stitch, so that the final shape is like a chickpea)
 And we complete the whole line in this way, 19 double crochet stitches and a popcorn stitch, number 20.

 The eighth line

We make a double crochet stitch in each double crochet stitch until the end of  line.

 The ninth line

we do 9 double crochet stitches and the tenth we do the popcorn stitches,
and we complete 19 double crochet stitches  and 20 we make a popcron stitch.
 The popcorn stitch is in the middle between the two popcorn stitches in the seventh line, as in the following :
 How to crochet short skirt


 Then we complete the lines in the same way as the seventh line,
and at the end of it there are 10 double crochet stitches with 9 at the beginning, the number is 19.

 The tenth line

we make a double crochet stitch on each double crochet stitch .
 Repeat what we did with lines 7,8,9,10 respectively, until we get the length of the skirt we want.
 If the skirt is too wide from the bottom, you can cut a number of stitches at the last line.
Crochet short skirt in arabicarabic

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