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Crochet stitch

Crochet stitch ,the basic crochet stitch , in order to learn crochet , you must know these stitches, which are included in most of the crochet work, and it is not possible to make any piece except with it, namely:

Snigle crochet
 Slip stitch
 Doube crochet stitch , and Treple crochet stitch ,  double treple crochet.
Halp double crochet stitch 
 Popcron stitch
 Fan stitch
 Shell stitch
 Puff stitch
 The  astek stitch(front post double crochet,andback post double crochet) 
X stitch (cross stitch)
Reverse Stitch crochet
 Braided Cable Stitch
 And the method of preserving the limbs is consistent
 Pattern chest and circular breasts.
 Pattern simple shoes
 The basic stitches in crochet, and you must learn them, and master them in order to be able to make any piece you want, so talk about each of them in a short glance, their name , and their symbol and pattern, and their abbreviation , and I will also put the basic pattern for the square chest and the circular chest, and Pattern The shoes.

 A glimpse of each of the basic stitches in crochet


 1- Chain:

 And its name  (chain), and abbreviated (ch)
 And its symbol:



 Chain symbol – the basic stitches in crochet
 The shape of the string in the pattern:
Chain pattern


 Chain shape in the pattern – the main stitches in crochet
 An example of a pattern in which the chain:
 And a chain is the beginning of any work, and the main point in all crochet work, as it enters in the work of shawls and blouses and to decorate the ends, the uses are many and the shape is beautiful.

 2- Single crochet stitch:

 And its name (single crochet), and its abbreviation (sc), and its symbol:
Single crochet


 And its shape in the pattern:
Single crochet pattern


 Example of a jacket with a stitching pattern:


Jaket -snigle crochet


Single crochet stitch, the simplest and easiest stitch and can be used in children’s clothing because there are no voids in it, it is warm and its view is very beautiful, and easy to control, and the increase and decrease in the number of stitches, and as used in dolls, and small work, because it does not take a large space in work, and be a chain height  one.

 3- double crochet stitch:

 It is also called post stitch, its name  (double crochet), abbreviation (dc), and its symbol:
Double crochet
 Form in the pattern:
Double crochet pattern


 Double crochet stitch is one of the most important stitches and is used in many works. It is one of the easiest stitches for beginners, and we use it in most clothes, sheets and decorations.
 Example of a dress with a double crochet stitch:


Dress with dc stitch

 4-  Treple crochet stitch:

 And its name in English (Treple crochet), and its abbreviation (tr), and its symbol:
Truble crochet


 Form in the pattern:
Trdc crochet stitch pattern 
 Treple crochet stitch is used for large works such as scarf, cascades, blankets, and blankets for childs, and its advantage is that it takes up a large in is area, entering the work with overlapping stitches, and is 4 chains high.

 5- Double treple crochet stitch :

 Its name (double treple crochet), abbreviation (dtr), and its symbol:
Double truble


 Form in the pattern:


Dtc ,pattern
 And it used for the same use as a two-roll column stitch, and in works where the stitches are nested, they are long, 5 chains long.

 6- Half-double crochet stitch: 

Its name is in English (half double crochet), abbreviated (hdc), and its symbol:

It seems like   “T”

 And its shape in the pattern:
Eam .hdc
 The half-double stitch is very similar to the double stitch , and it interferes in making shoes and accessories and in work with a small distance, which is the middle between the filling stitch and the double stitch   length of 2 series.
 This image shows the difference between the lengths of the filling stitch and the double stitch , the  treple crochet stitch  , and the double treple stitch in three turns:

 7- slip stitch:

  It’s name (slip stitch), sl-st, and code:
Slip stitch
 The black point is the sliding stitch
 A picture of the  using the slip stitch:


 When used in knitting jobs it results in a job similar to knitting.

 8- Stitch of the shell:

 It’s name (lacy-lace- shell stitch crochet), code:
Shell stitch
  Shell stitch is used in many clothes, shawls, caps, bags, and sheets. This stitch is characterized by that it can be used consistently without increasing as in rectangular shawls, and it can be increased and expanded as in dresses and triangular shawls.
 Example of a dress with a shell stitch: stitch



 9- Fan stitch:

 It’s name (shell stitch)or fan stitch, code:
Fan stitch
 Fan stitch is very similar to the shell stitch, and it has the same use, and is most used on the ends of shawls, blankets and sheets.

 10- The front post double crochet and back postduoble stitch:

 Its name (front post double crochet) and its abbreviation (fpdc) for the front column stitch, and (back post double crochet), and its abbreviation (bpdc), for the posterior column stitch, its code:


 Patternn in which the front post double crochet stitch
 This stitch  is used on the ends of the trouser from the top and the trouser , the ends of the tops from the jackets , the ends of the sleeves, at the top shirt, and in the middle of the dress, and gives the piece beauty and elegance.

 11- Puff stitch:

It’s name is (puff stitch), and her code is:




 There are several patterns for puff  stitches
 They are used in most crochet works, especially the caps and scents for their beauty, and diversity in their shapes. Each shape gives a different and distinctive look with its beauty.

 12- The popcorn stitch:

 li’s name (pop corn stitch), code:
Pop corn stitch


 The stitch is very similar to the puff stitch, and it has the same uses, but differs in the way it works.

 13-  X Stitch:

 lt’s name (x crochet stitch), code:
X stitch
 They are used in many businesses, and all clothing, such as tops, jackets, blouses, etc. has many shapes, and can be made with two or three stitches.

 14- Stitch of the Braided Cable Stitch:

It’s name (Braided Cable Stitch), her form in the pattern:
Barid crochet stitch,
 The braid stitch is mostly used to make cuts for men, such as tops, patches, and caps, and garments are generally decorated.

 15- Reverse Stitch crochet stitch:

  It’s name is Reverse Stitch crochet, and her code is:
Reseve single crochet


 They are used for decorating the parties only, they cover and give them a beautiful appearance.
 Picture of upside down padding:
Eam. Reseve single crochet


Regular parties to our business in crochet

 We start the first line normally as we always do, with the number of strings rising according to the required stitch length, and the second line raising the same number of strings that we climbed on the first line.
 We leave the first void we reached, and create the first stitch in the second void, after which we continue the work until we reach the end of the line, and after that, we do not make a stitch on the last stitch, but we do it on the last series we did at the beginning of the previous line.
 Pattern for square work mode

 Round chest pattern (round neck pattern) Round chest pattern – the main stitches in crochet

Circle pattern


 Pattern simple and easy to crochet

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