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There are many types of yarns, such as Eliza and Cordoba, etc. There are also fine yarns, including thick yarns.
For this multiplicity and diversity of yarns, I liked to write this article for you. 
To collect information on the most popular types of yarns, their features, and why they are used.

 Types of crochet yarns and their uses

 Each thread has specifications, thickness, and features that we must know so that we can choose the thread that best matches the work that we want to do.
 Here I tried to collect information for the most famous threads and well-known companies,
so I hope that you will benefit from them and that they will be complete information for crochet users.

 Theard types:

 Fisher man
 Synthetic yarns

 Overview of each type of yarn, its features and use:


 1-Crochet thread , Wool Yarns:



 It is the most famous in the crochet and the most used,
and there are many partnerships such as Eliza There are many types of multi-use Alisa yarns and it is a Turkish company that has many types of yarns,
and it has multiple uses of different sizes and very beautiful colors, such as: Elisa Diva, Elisa Gold, Elisa Bebe and Behar and others  .
 There are also threads of Cordoba, Himalayas, yarn art, there are a lot of companies, it is up to you what you like to use from these threads.

 Wool uses:

 We use wool to make clothes in general. Like children’s clothes, we can use special wool for the baby.
This wool is soft and suitable for children’s skin.
 There is also a special wool for making shawls and caps that is thick and warm, and it also gives a beautiful appearance.
The choice of the type of wool depends on the stitches to be used in the work of the shawl and the cap.
 There are some types of velvet and lint, and woolen hair,
and these are mostly used only to adorn and make the edges of clothes, as they are uncomfortable to the skin
 Thin threads can be used to make some bedspreads, blankets, and bed sheets.
 Conclusion: it is up to you how to use the strings, according to the specifications of the piece you want to sew.

 2- Crochet thread , Silk threads:

Silk theard

 Silk threads are very thin and shiny, and beads can be added with it

 Uses of silk yarns:

 It is used in making evening and wedding dresseswedding dresses
 In sweaters and jackets
 And the table cloth for brides
 Ends of blankets and bedspreads
 It is also used to decorate bags.

 3-Crochet thread , Cotton Yarns:

Cotton yarn

 It can be used as we use wool, but winter wool and summer cotton, which is light and good for making children’s clothes and shawls,
does not needle, and its colors are bright, and it is better than wool for making bedspreads.
 In making clothes and summer tops.
 It is used in making bed sheets, baby blankets, and bedspreads.
 It is used in making medals and bags.
 It is used in making dolls and the best gold cotton Elisa
 Used to make accessories and earrings (earrings) and necklaces.
 It is used to make a cover for the Qur’an and mobile, such as the DMC thread
 Thread Types – DMC Thread

 4-Crochet thread , Kilim thread:



 Kilim thread is a long strip made of fabric in different materials and wrapped in huge rollers. 
It is sold in a kilo of bright and wonderful colors, and there are different grades of quality and various materials, including cotton,lycra and linen. 
The textile factories produce it from wasted parts after detailing, so it is sold at very low prices.
  And its prices vary according to its quality, but in general they are very simple and do not compare with the rest of the yarns.
 You can also make it from cotton tops at home.

 Uses of kilim yarns:

 It is frequently used in bags for its thickness and intensity to work.
 Many home decorations are made of it, such as large baskets
 It is used to make baskets for children
 It is used in making carpets, as it is heavy and suitable for use in this field.
 It is used in making bathroom accessories.

 5- Crochet thread ,The fisherman’s and the thread of yarn:

fisherman's yarn
 The thread of yarn and the thread of the hunter
 Fifth: the fisherman’s yarn and the yarn’s thread
 First: The thread of the hunter: it is a very thin thread, and for him there are numbered sizes from it and ,
we use stainless steel needles with it there are solid colors and a very nice wing in the work, but a little tired because it is thin sold by rollers
 Second: The yarn is a matte cotton thread that is sold per kilo. It comes as solid colors. It is also very thin.
We use with it stainless needles. It is sold in chalets. It is sold as a macrame thread. It must be removed before use.
 The uses of yarn and angler are very similar:
 The bag making is preferable to the thread of the hunter, because it is durable
 Making tablecloths We use the brilliant hunter for bridal or cotton bedspreads for regular bedspreads
 Running shoes
 It is also used to make accessories

 6- Acrylic threads:

 These strands are plentiful, they are available cheaply and they are a durable thread to operate, and they can be washed.
 Thin from it is used in making bed linen and clothes for the purpose of decorating
 The thick of it is used to make blouses and accessories.

 Types of industrial yarns:

 They are many and each of them is equivalent, and the aforementioned threads are the best and most used in the work.
 Industrial formula, blended as nylon
 Many people use these yarns to make bedspreads, but of course these yarns are not used exclusively for making bedspreads.
We can make bags, clothes and much much more.
 In addition to other types
 Ribbon, string, hay, pearl filaments, and monet, thread of gold and silver metal threads.
 The types of yarns differ according to its factory and the most famous at all. DMC,
which gives dazzling results often and most of its raw material is cotton, which gives a smooth texture and there are also the so-called rainbow,
which is a type of yarns that contain more than one color in the same pulley or roll and are often used to work  Bags,
such as the mobile phone case, large bags and the thick quality of it is used to make blankets.
This quality facilitates work and saves time and effort if we want to make a complex piece of more than one color.
 I finished clarifying the types of leads
 Crochet needlesCrochet needles
 I leave you in the care of God.

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