Double crochet stitch
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 Double crochet stitch

Double crochet Stitch , the fourth lesson in crochet lessons for beginners, we learn how to crochet double crochet stitch.
in a crochet teaching series from zero, an instructional chain that begins to teach crochet from the beginning and chain stitch, and the end with professionalism.
Double crochet stitch

 Double crochet stitch

 It is one of the basic and most important stitches in crochet,
and it interferes in a lot of works such as clothes, sundries, bed sheets, blankets and accessories.
 Therefore, it must be learned and mastered, so that we can do the best work.
 Name: (double crochet)-dc.
 Some also call it the post stitch.
 Its symbol:
Double crochet stitch pattern
 Example of a pattern to double crochet Stitch:
باترون غرزة عمود بلفة
 Dress using stitch:
استخدام غرزة عمود بلفة

How to crochet a double crochet stitch:

 First, we make a chains of ten stitches, for example, and here is an illustration of the chain’s work.
 Then we raise three chains, which is the height of the stitch.

The first line

 In the fourth chains of the loop in which the hook is made, we begin by making the first double crochet stitch , by winding the thread on the hook,
 And insert the hook in the first string, so that there are strings from the top and a thread from the bottom,
 Then we pull the thread from the chain,
so we have three rings on the hook, we pull the thread from two rings and we leave one.
 So we have two loops on the hook, we wrap the thread on the hook again and pull the thread out of the two loops.
 Instead we created the first stitch in the first chain,
we wrap the thread on the hook again and we enter the hook in the second chain.
 We repeat the same steps for the life of the second double crochet stitch, we repeat this step in all chains.
 Until we finish the first line.

The second line

we perform the same steps, in the same order,
beginning with the height of three chains the length of the double crochet stitch  l.
 We complete the stitch work steps.
 If we want to make a piece of double crochet stitch ,
we make a small sample of 10 or 15 stitches and measure how many cm.
On this basis, we can know how many stitches we will use.
 For example, if the stitch size is 15 cm, we need 75 stitches to make 40 cm, i.e. 15 x 5.
 Or we measure 10 cm and we make a line from the double crochet stitch   and we count the stitches,
so if for example the number of stitches is 20 stitches in 10 cm
 In the 40 cm we need 20 x 4 = 80 stitches
 Of course, these numbers are approximate examples.

How do we keep our work consistent

 First, at the beginning, in the second line,
we leave the first link because the three chains are an alternative for counting stitches.
 Second, we leave the last stitch and do not do the stitch on it,
but rather we are working on the same chain in the three chains in which it rose at the beginning of the previous line,
and all this is explained in the video at the end of the article.
 Another way to keep the edges consistent and neat here is in a video.
 Third, count the stitches and ensure that the number is the same as what we started with at the beginning of the work.
 These things help a lot in a work without errors and at the same time arranged and consistent.
 In the end, a lot of work and practice and trained in stitches a lot to master the work and reach professionalism.
 That is all about this stitch, I hope that it will achieve the goal for which it was written and explained,
and leave you in God’s care and security, until we meet in another lesson.

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