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How to crochet a cap

How to crochet acap
 How to crochet a cap, for all ages with how to take the right sizes, from what we do most in crochet,
making caps for its easy and abundance of use, as we can decorate it and make it the way we love, and how we want it
 In order to be able to sew crocheted caps, we need to know the
measurements used in knitting them, so that we can end up with a proper, adequate and error-free card and give a beautiful appearance

 Sizes that we need to crochet a cap

 The size of the head circumference, by measuring the head circumference of the person to whom we will sew the cap, or by using the size chart

Height of the  cap

 The diameter at which we must stop the increase in the number of stitches
 One of the important things you should do when making the hat
 Thread thickness
( The hook size (crochet needle
 The reason for this is that the thickness of the thread has a great role in determining the size and the same with respect to the thickness of the thread
 A thin thread with a hook of 2-4 mm does not leave large voids in the work making the cap in crochet,
while in the thick strings and the hook above 5 mm make voids in the work that gives softness to work,
and this makes the cap easy to use, and it is the best for the buoys and the most beautiful.
 When we know all of these things, we can sew a hat for any age, any size, and with the shape we want

 How to crochet a cap step by step


 First: We make a loop of 6 chains and lock it with a slip stitch (you can use

the magic circle instead of the loop).

The first line:
 inside the loop we make three chains (the height of the double crochet st)
so that these chains are the first double crochet stitch,
then we complete the number on 15 column dc stitches (with 3 chains), if the thread is thin,
but if the thread is thick, then 10-12 is sufficient
 The second line:
we go up three chains, and we do an increase in all double crochet stitches
 Multiply the number of double crochet stitches to 30 column dc stitches, and seal the line with a slip st
The third line:
 We start with three chains, then dc stitch in the first stitch and double crochet in the next, and repeat that until the end of the line, ending with a slip stitch.
 (1,2,1,2,1,2 … …), the number is 45dc  stitches.
 Fourth line :
We start with three chains, 2 column stitches in each stitch and then increase in the next stitch,
and repeat that until the end of the line, and seal with a slip stitch.
 (1,1,2,1,1,2,1,1,2 …), the number is 60 stitches.
Fifth line:
We start with three chains, 3 column stitches and in the fourth stitch increase,
and repeat this until the end of the line, and seal with a slip stitch.
 (1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2, …..), the number is 75 stitches.
 The sixth line:
 We start by making three chains, 4  dc stitches, and the fifth we do augmentation,
and we continue as well until the end of the line, and we end with a slip stitch.
 (1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,2 …), the number is 90 stitches.

 That is, we will follow the following system in the work .(crochet a cap )

 Increase in each dc stitch
  Dc stitch , increase
 Dc -2 stitches,  increase
Dc – 3 stitches, increase
 And so on
 Note: First, the number of stitches I use is not mandatory for all caps,
so I can use the number of stitches with the shape and how they correspond to the way you work.
 If we want to make sure the work is correct,
the number of stitches increases in each line by the number of stitches that we started with,
that is, multiples of that number;
 If we start with 15, it is as follows: 15, 30, 45, … and so on
 Or 12, it is as follows: 12, 24, 36 … … and so on
 Second: The shape of the circle until reaching the required diameter must be flat and straight,
so it does not shrink because this is a decrease in the number of stitches
 There is no flutter in it, because that is a decrease in the number of stitches
 Upon reaching the required circle diameter, we stop increasing,
and complete the cap until the required length is reached
 And for every age Qatar we stop at and a different length from the other age
 Upon completion of the cap, we do not change the number of stitches, and any shape that we want can be used
 Finally, we measure the circumference of the cap when sealing it,
and make sure that the circumference of the cap is the circumference of the desired head
 It is important to take care of the thickness of the wool.
If you use thin wool, stick to the sizes, so that the cap is sufficient
 The thick thread is different, as the cap is more flexible and can be reduced by 2 cm. It is elastic
 You can use whatever stitch you want, just before you start to cap. Calculate the number of stitches correctly, so you don’t make mistakes

There is another way to make a cap

 You start from the circumference of the cap, you create a chain around the circumference of the head,
and we start making the shape we want, until we reach the required cap length
 Then we start reducing the stitches and when finished we close them from the top
 Some explanatory videos of how the cap

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