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Crochet Layered dress

How to crochet a layered dress
 Layered dress
 Welcome to my blog, I will show you how to make a layered crochet dress step by step ,
with each step attached with a picture for  illustration, let’s start

Tools for the dress to work crochet layers

 The sizes and tools in this blog are for 2 years – 2.5 years old
 1- Wool, you used Elisa wool in three colors (brownish beige, light blue, light pink).
You can use any type of wool and the colors you want,
provided that the three colors are of the same type of wool if possible and important to be the same size
 In the dress I used half a roll (100 grams) of each color,
that is (50 grams), the whole dress consumed 150 grams
Hook (crocheted needle) to fit the thickness of the wool used. Hook No. 4 mm was used
  Needle to clean the excess from the threads
 A measuring meter to determine the necessary sizes

 Sizes you used in layered crochet dress

 The sizes you used to make the dress are 2-2.5 years old
 Chest circumference: 54 cm
 The length of the dress: 48 – 50, (depending on your desire to length the dress,
some of them love him long and some of them love  
 him short
 The length of the straps: 13 cm

 How to make Layered dress

 We start by making a chain along the circumference of the chest (54 cm). I used 100 stitches.
The number of stitches varies from one lady to another because each hand has a way of working,
as well as the type and thickness of the thread, and the size of the hook

The first line 

Then we go up three chains (double crochet length),
and make a double crochet stitch   in each chain, until we finish the  first line
Line no 1


If you like, you can make the first two or three lines open from the backand attach a small
item to it to make it easier to use the dress when wearing it, or to stop it, then it is up to you
Line no 2

 The second line

is a double crochet stitch in each double crochet stitch,
and we complete it until we finish four lines ,a double crochet stitch 
Rore lines
 That is, the first, second, and third line with a double crochet stitch
  1. The fifth line
We make a double crochet stitch in the first stitch,
followed by two double crochet stitches in the same place (i.e. stitch, 2 stitches, stitches, 2 stitches …. and so on) until we finish the whole line like this
How to crochet a layered dress

 The sixth line

has two double crochet stitches in each stitch until the end of theline
The first end
 Thus we are finished with the first layer,
after that we come to work from the inside (the inside of the dress) and make two chains and close it with a slip stitch on the fifth line,
and repeat with two chains and close it with a slip stitch on the fourth line,
and then we make a chain in the inside of the dress with the same color of the first layer on the fourth line  Let’s install the second layer on it
 The chain begins with from the two chains on the fourth line,
we work five chains and prepare four double crochet stitches from the fourt
line and close them with slip stitches on the fifth stitch,
and repeat five chains and count four stitches on the same line and close it in the fifth stitch, as in the following pictures
crochet a layered dress
Dress inside 1
Insied the dress
The first layer is inside
 Here we begin by making the second layer in pink color on the chains we created on the first layer,
with the number of stitches of the second layer having the same number of stitches as the first layer (100 stitches


 The second layer

Is like the first of 6 lines, the first 4 lines are a double crochet stitch ,
the fifth in the first is a double crochet stitch and the second is 2double crochet stitches and we repeat that until the end of the fifth line,
and then two double crochet stitches in each stitch until the end of the sixth line
The second layer
The second layer end
The second layer is inside
 We make double crochet stitches on the chains consistently and orderly until we get the required number of stitches
 We make a chain in the soles of the dress as we did before, to make the third layer on it in blue

 The remaining four layers will do it the same way, which will be as follows

 We will increase the number of stitches in each layer consistently, that each layer exceeds the previous one by 1 – 1.5 cm only,
because the third layer increases the number of stitches ranging between 5 and 10 stitches,
so I cannot put a certain number; the increase is affected by a number of things according to  The type of wool and the size of the hook and for every six methods of work – provided that the layer increases between 1 – 1.5 cm only – for example
 If the number of stitches is 100 in the first layer,
it remains 100 in the second, and we increase for example 10 in the third – that is, we make 9 stitches and increase in the tenth stitch,
so that the number of the third layer becomes 110, and we complete in the
same way the fourth, fifth, and sixth layers for the number of stitches in it,
(because we  follow the same system of increase in the third layer, i.e. 9 stitches and the tenth we make two stitches, so the number is 110 + 11 = 121), fifth 133 and sixth 145.
 The increase you make in the third you apply to the rest of the classes
 We complete the rest of the layers in the same way we work
 Four-line double crochet stitch
 The fifth is a double crochet stitch, then two double crochet stitches, and we continue like this until the end of the line
 Six 2 double crochet stitches in each stitch until the end of the line

 After completing the work of all classes, we start with making scarves

 We divide the upper part into four equal sections, and we take from each section 5 stitches to make the braces, provided that they are in the right opposite locations
 In the dress you made, you divided it as follows
 20 – 5 – 20 – 5 – 20 – 5 – 20 – 5
Dress scarves

 How to make scarves in layers crochet dress

 The size of the bra is the size of the sleeve opening, that is, the area from under the armpit to the area above the shoulder
 After that we do the braces, by making
5 double crochet stitches at the marks,
and we raise them with a double crochet stitch until we reach the required length of the braces, which is in this dress 13 x 2 = 26 cm
 We install it from the opposite side, and we do the second scarve in the same way
 And with this we finish making the dress


These sizes are designed for 2-2.5 years old
 If you want to design a layered crochet dress for less than two years of age,
you can make 5 layers instead of six,
so you control the size of the chest circumference with the number of chains required.
If the chest circumference is 50 cm, for example, you operate a chain with a length of 50 cm
 As for the length of the dress, you control it by the number of layers,
you increase the length by increasing the number of layers,
and decreasing the length of the dress by decreasing the number of layers
 You can also make 3 lines of double crochet-like scrolls instead of four lines
 Thank you and leave you in God’s care
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