Scart with scarf
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Skirt with scarves

 Skirt with scarves, the most requested for this year, a skirt with scarves, she won the admiration of a lot and has a lot of views, and now I will write this article for you in my book with mentioning all the sizes necessary to work this skirt.

Scart with scarf

 Tools needed to work a skirt with scarves:

 Wool of any color you like
 Needle, scissors
 Meters measure

 Sizes needed for work Skirt with scarves:

 First we need to know the size of the waist circumference and the height of the skirt
 These sizes are listed from ages 0-16 here
 The size of the bra is chest length + back length.
 We multiply the number by 2
 Age / year height of the year
Y.                        Size
 1                       19.5
 2                        22
 3                        23
 4                      27.5
 5                       29
 6                     30.5
 7                       32
 8                     33.5
 9                      35
 10                  36.5
 11                    38
 12                   39.5
 13                     42
 Note: Sizes may vary by child’s size

 How to make a skirt with scarves:

 We make a chain in the size of the circumference of the medium, and be a multiple of the number 15, because the steak is repeated every 3 stitches, the shape required in the skirt every 5 stitches.
 If you want to change the shape of the asteak, you can put the number of stitches and divide them according to the shape you want, and you will not be bound by that number.
This asteak
 Here is where the buttons are located

 The first line

 Then we make a double stitch  in each  stitch  until we finish the end line.

 The second line

 We make the elastic stitch, 2 front post double crochet stitches and the back post double crochet stitch, and repeat these stitches until we finish the line.
 Next, complete line 3, 4, and 5 with the alsteak stitch.
 Then we divide the shape every 5 stitches to repeat the shape:


 The sixth line

 We make 2 double crochet stitches  and leave the third stitch, in the fourth stitch we do a shell stitch (2 double crochet stitches , 2 chain, 2 double crochet stitches ).
 We leave the fifth stitch, and we repeat 2 double crochet stitch, we leave the stitch and we make a shell stitch on the next stitch, and we repeat this shape until the end of the line.

 The seventh line

 Finish the line with a slip stitch, complete the next line, and make 2 double crochet stitches on the two double crochet stitches on the previous line, and a shell stitch over the two strings in the shell stitch.
 We complete the whole line in this way, we complete this line, and we do lines 8, 9, 10 in the same way.
 Then on line 11 we increase the double crochet stitch at each of the two double crochet stitches, before the shell and we make the shell over the two series in the shell stitch from the previous line, and repeat that.
 So the number of double crochet stitches becomes  instead of two stitches, three stitches in all stitches over the whole line.
 We complete this line and the next 4 lines with the same number of stitches.
 And then we increase the number of double crochet stitches, every three stitches we add a stitch to it, so the number of stitches becomes 4 double crochet stitches .
 We complete this pattern until we have the size we want and the sizes are here
 After completing the skirt, we make .

 The way the scarves work


 First, we divide the skirt from the center into two parts, front and back.
 The front section is divided into four sections, the middle is half the front section and then the place of the buttons, and a quarter remains on the front end on the right side, and the other quarter the front end on the left.
 The posterior section is divided into three sections, and the section in the middle which is the third we make a half-double crochey stitch on it and we complete the third in the middle and rise to the second line.
 We make a half double crochet stitch until we are 10 cm high, and then we divide this section into two parts, each with a vest.
 After that, we complete a half double crochet stitch until we reach the required size, which is from the beginning from the waist to the end of the vest.

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