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Treple crochet,Double treple crochet

Treple crochet,Double treple crochet, the fifth and sixth lessons of crochet lessons for beginners,

 In a series of crochet education from scratch to professional,

I will explain the name of each of them and what they are abbreviated and the image of theTreple crochet,Double treple crochet.

 A practical video of how to work each of the two stitches 

 First,Treple crochet


Treble crochet stitch

And its name in English (Treple crochet), and its abbreviation (tr), and its symbol:

Treble crochet stitch pattern

 They are used in shawls, blankets, and plaques,

in general in large works because they take up work space and reduce time,

and they can also be used in interlocking stitches.

 How to make a  Treple crochet stitch


We start by making the start and chain knots with the length that we want,

and then we raise the strings along the length of the two-threaded column stitch, which is 4 chains.

 In the fifth chain, we make the first  Treple crochet stitch ,

wrapping the thread on the hook twice, forming two loops on the hook.

 We enter the hook from the fifth chain, we wrap the thread on the hook,

and we pull the thread from two turns of the hook to keep the rest of the windings.

 We twist the thread again and pull the thread from the twine again.

Two laps remain, we wrap the thread on the hook and pull the last time and so the first stitch is formed,

 Repeat until the line is finished.

 In the second line, we rise 4 chains as we rose in the first line and repeat the same steps until we finish the required work.

 Second,  Double treple crochet stitch 


Double treple crochet

Double treple crochet, abbreviation (dtr), code:

Double treple crochet pattern

 Form in the pattern:

 How to make  Double treble crochet stitch :

 The steps of making a  Double treble crochet stitch in three turns are similar to a  treble crochet stitch, but we add a third turn of the hook.

 Instead of pulling the thread three times, we pull the thread 4 times.

 Likewise, for its uses, it has the same uses as a treble crochet  column stitch.

 Explanation of how to make a Double treble crochet  stitch

 If we want to make a piece of Double treble crochet stitch  or treble crochet stitch ,

we make a small sample of 10 or 15 stitches and measure how many centimeters and on this basis we can know how many stitches we will use.

 For example, if the stitch size is 15 cm, we need 75 stitches to make 40 cm, or 15 x 5.

 Or we measure 10 cm and we make a line of Double treble crochet stitch  or treble crochet stitch and

we count the stitches, so if for example the number of stitches is 20 stitches in 10 cm

 In the 40 cm we need 20 x 4 = 80 stitches

 Of course, these numbers are approximate examples.

Double crochet stitch

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