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Crochet needles

Crochet needles
 Crochet needles or hooks, one of the basic tools in crochet is the presence
of yarnyarn  and needle crochet (hook), and in this article I will explain the meaning of crochet needle,
the types and sizes of needles and their uses, as there are many needles for each type of use in it,
and how the size of the needle fits with thickness  The thread.
 These things are very important, and we are able to accomplish elaborate
If the thread is thick with a fine needle, it gives us tight, uncomfortable use and .has an inappropriate view
Also, if the opposite is and the thread is thin and the needle is a large size then the voids are very large and the work is not available.

? What is a crochet needles

 Crochet needle is a long tool with a hook, we use this hook to make loops in a thread, to form multiple crochet stitches.
 Basically it is a round pillar tapered from the tip, with a side groove behind  it and a handle 
The point facilitates the insertion of the hook through the material in which it is woven and enables the groove to pull a ring through the material
 Thus, the crochet needle is divided into three sections: the hook and the middle of the needle (a place where the needle size is recorded),
and the bottom of the needle, which is straight, is used to hold the needle and work with it.



: There are five types of crochet  needles

 Stainless steel
 the wood
 And plastic

 First: Aluminum needles

 They are smooth needles on the thread and come in the form of colors and are most commot
because they are very durable and can withstand work as they come in the form of sizes ranging from 1 mm: 10 mm
 Gradient in thickness from the thinnest to the thickest, as shown in the picture,
preferably for beginners to use and the size of the needles is determined by
the thickness of the thread used means that if the thread was thin we use a needle a small size.
 And if the thread was thick, we would use a needle with a large size and so on with the rest of the needles.
 We mostly use it to make clothes and bags, and they are suitable for all crochet work.
We only have to coordinate the thread and the needle.

Second: stainless steel needles

 They are very, very thin and very durable needles that are used most of the time in very thin threads such as cotton yarn, hunter yarn and yarn.
 It ranges from 0: 9, but here we find that 0 means a thick needle,
what 9 in a very thin needle means, unlike the aluminum needles, the starter begin with it.
 Mostly used to make bedspreads and accessories, and the things we make using yarn, fisherman, silk threads and fine cotton.

Third: Wood  crochet needles

 They are needles made of wood, exactly the same as aluminum needles. For sizes larger than aluminum needles, 
they mean from 1 to 20 mm or 25 mm. They also work with very thick strings, such as kilim threads.
 But I do not prefer to work with it because it is quickly broken with work, but it can be replaced with reinforced plastic needles
 It is used in making bags and clothes that we want to create spaces in, and that the work be soft and flexible.
 Note To know the needle size appropriate for the thread,
read the instructions on the paper for the thread, so they can write the appropriate size. 

Forth :Silicon Needle

إبر كروشيه سليكون sillecon
 They are needles that are not much different from aluminum needles, but they have a handle made of silicon for the comfort of the hand during long work.
Their sizes are the same as the sizes of the aluminum needles and their handles have many colorful and decorated forms

Fifth: the plastic needle

 needles plastic


 They are the same wood needles and have the same sizes, and are used for the same uses.
 Because of the large number of industries and their spread, there are also species that have a hook on both ends of the hook.
 And type glows in the dark.
 It is of a long type like the skewers used for knitting, which are used in Tunisian crochet.
 Smallest size of the hook (0.05 mm)
 And the largest size (14) mm
 Any sizes between (0.25 ~ 14)
 How to fit between thread and crochet needles:
 Usually we find that each type of thread has its own number indicating the size and thickness of the thread and you find it often with each pattern or map of the type of thread and its size and according to the numbers we find that the threads with small numbers such as No. 30 are thicker than thread number 40.
 And the appropriate size for making placemats 20 and 30, while 40 is suitable for very small stitches, such as making lace and lace … and so on

 Very important notes

 The small numbers for the English or European factories, which are the heavy, heavy, thick-touch type, used to make blankets and bedsheets, and even to make bags and find them with numbers 10,20,30 according to the Arab factories
  Large numbers such as 6.5.4 are thin threads often used to make lace costs and bedspreads with small details, and they are offset by Arab factories 40,50,60
 Needle size …………………………………. thread size
 size 10 …………………………………….. no.  6
 size 20 …………………………………….. no.9
 size 30 ……………………………………. no.  10
 size 40 ……………………………………. no.  11
 size 50 & 60 ……………………………. no.  12
 size 70 & 80 ……………………………. no.  13
 size 100 …………………………………. no.  14
 The measurement is mostly with the eye. The thin thread uses a small needle, and the thick one uses a large needle
 In addition to having information
recorded on the paper on the wool roll, recording information regarding thread
thickness and needle size that we should use.

 Some instructions for beginners

 It is some information from my diligence, and I hope that it will benefit you so that my lady,
and I knew her after a time in this field, and it is as follows:
  At first, use a hook between (4-5) because it is easy to learn and gives beautiful results.
  Use good strands of yarns, as they give better performance and results
 Use light colors, it is comfortable for the eye, and enables me to know the path of work and the shape of each stitch that is completely visible to the eye.
Use a small sample before starting work that is of the same type of thread and the same size of the hook and the
same stitch that you want to work with,
and this is the best step that enables you to know the dimensions of this stitch, so you can know the size and the number of stitches that you will use in your work.
 If you feel that your work is tight from the beginning, use a larger needle size,
and if you feel that it is loose and does not give the desired stitch shape, use a smaller needle size
 Use shawls, scarves, caps, skirts, salopipe and pocket, large sizes, they are the most beautiful and the best and give beautiful results.
 As for the tops and shoes, small sizes give the best results.
 As for the dolls, use smaller needles until the work is in place and there are no voids in the doll’s body.
 So I finished, and I hope that this information is useful and valuable, and that it will circulate to you the required benefit
Crochet needles in arabicarabic
 I leave you in God’s care and security

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