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Introduction to crochet

About crochet


Introduction to crochet ,crochet? It is knitting or wrapping the thread with small needles,
which is a special needle with a hooked shape that we usually call a hook.
 The hook has multiple sizes, and each size can be used for different purposes.
 The yarns used are multiple, and the materials used vary from cotton, to wool, silk, etc.,
and there are many companies for wool yarns.
 Each thread has its advantages and can be used for different purposes.
 This art is used in the manufacture of countless bedspreads, blankets,
clothes and home accessories, and the art of making dolls is included in this field.

 Crochet fields:

 This art has a wide field in all countries, which have been passed down generations from one lady to another.
 They used it to make baby clothes at first, at a time when the industry was not spreading as it is today.
 I saw some women re-using wool, by untangling old tops, and recycling them again, with new sizes and new ideas.
 Today, with the large number of industries, and the abundance of clothes in the market,
this art has disappeared, to be restricted to some women, who are enthusiasts of this and amateurs.
 Some women used this art to enrich her home in the distinctive antiques, with a special touch of making her hand,
flaunting the nobility of what she makes, and making in this house a special imprint and a unique piece unmatched.
 While others used this art to improve his livelihood,
and to fulfill some of the requests of women who loved this work, and he was unable to master it,
or others employee who did not have time to sew.

 For me, I found that this matter is not feasible in our Arab countries,

because people do not appreciate the extent of fatigue and the effort involved in completing the pieces,
and that the raw materials are already high in price, so you see, for example, in some countries the handicraft is ahead of the mechanical industry,
if it is characterized by perfection.
 And from us another live, keeping the hook and working with it is easy,
but the difficulty in perfecting the sizes and professionalism,
and stamping the work in a beautiful way.
 Many women who inherited this art from their grandmothers and mothers, but few of them mastered it and practiced in it.
Of course, every art has origins. Otherwise, its joy is gone and it becomes idle that has no value.
 And the multiplicity of social media that talks about this art,
and its spread in these days, has a great role to play, and the emergence of countless types of threads and needles, and different materials.
 There are so many channels and blogs that are endless.
 How beautiful it is, to strive diligently to spread what is beneficial and beautiful.

 What is my goal from all this?

 The first reason I entered this field and my love for it made me write my articles on this art. I wanted to have a fingerprint in it.
 In spite of the many ideas and channels, who discourages me from that,
perhaps I offer information that was absent from others, for each way of thinking.
 All I hope is that God writes success to me, and that what I offer will be beneficial.
 Here is a glimpse of his historical, 👇

 Crochet history:

 Crochet is a process in which a textile is formed from yarn or thread using a needle called a crochet needle. 
The word crochet is derived from the French word croc or croche – used in the historical transitional period from 1340-1611 in which the French language
became the official language of the French kingdom instead of Latin – which means hook, hook, or dog. 
Crochet work is the same as knittingknitting, it consists of pulling the spinning rings through other rings.
But crochet differs from knitting in that there is only one loop active at a time (and the only exception is in Tunisian crochet),
and a crochet needle is used in place of two knitting needles.

 Where did crochet art originate:

 Some assume that crochet originated from traditional practices practiced in the Arabian Peninsula,
South Africa, or China, but there is no compelling evidence to confirm that this craft was practiced before it gained popularity in Europe during the nineteenth century.
 In the end, I thank all of you who came here and read the topic, and I wish you could write your opinion on this art.
 And when did you start working with it?
Is it worth all the effort you make?
Crochet arabic

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