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Square crochet chest


Square crochet chest
 Square crochet chest, we use in many pieces, in tops, jackets, dresses,  too.
Because of the great importance of the square crochet chest,
I would like to share with you a summary of the information I got on how the square chest works, and mention the sizes.

 Sizes needed to make a square chest:

 Head Circumference
 Quantum slot
 the shoulder
 Sizes can vary depending on the size of the child, but these are common
 We calculate 2 cm in some sizes for which sewing is required
 Dome size x 4 is a chain that we start with (or head circumference size can be used)

 How to make square crochet chest:

 Square chest can be done in two ways, I will explain both
 You choose the style that suits you

 The first pattern Square crochet chest:

is completely square, we take the size of the head
circumference of the person we want to sew a piece of,
and create a chain along the length of the head circumference.
 The series we use is a multiple of four;
 So we can divide it into four sections, for example if we use the number 40
 We divide it as follows:
 Chest: 10 (9 + corner stitch)
 Right shoulder: 10 (9 + corner stitch)
 Left shoulder: 10 (9 + corner stitch)
 Back (and divide it into two parts if we want it to be open): 5 for each side
 The number of stitches is 40 + 1 = 41
 Partition shown exactly in the following image,
I increased the stitching division only, either if you want it closed using only 40 stitches.
 You can increase the stitch or 2 depending on what you need,
according to the pattern and the number of stitches; that is, if you want it to be open, and the closed one is not necessary, and this applies to both patterns.

 First line:

three chains rise; double crochet stitch .
 We make a double crochet stitch  on the first 5 stitches,
and in the sixth we make a shell stitch (two double crochet stitches , two chains, two double crochet stitches ) in the same stitch.
 We complete 9 double crochet stitches   from the first shoulder side until we reach the second corner stitch, and we make a shell stitch.
 And then we make 9 double crochet stitches from the chest side until we reach the corner stitch, and we make a shell stitch.
 Then we complete 9 double stitches  from the side of the shoulder until we reach the corner stitch, and we make a shell stitch.
 Finally, we make 5 double crochet stitches with a turn on the other side of the back.

 The second line:

We make a double crochet stitch  over each double crochet stitch .
 That is, we start with 5 + 2 shell stitch to make the number 7 stitches,
and we make a shell stitch over the two chains,
and 9 double crochet stitches will increase 2 stitches from each line (shell stitches) so that the number of column stitches  of 13 stitches,
from the three sides of the shoulder and chest,
thus increasing each  A line from what precedes it until we reach the required sizes, for the age we want,
and we get the sizes either by measuring the child or from the table listed in net from google.
 Finally, we divide the chest and back from the shoulder to form the opening of the sleeves.
 And we make a double crochet stitch in each double crochet stitch until we get to the thing we want to accomplish.
 If you do not reach the required chest circumference size,
you can make (2-3) chains in the area where you reach the chest with the back from each side,
increasing the size of the chest circumference and the opening of the sleeve.

 This pattern first pattern Square crochet chest:

First pattern

 The second pattern:

we do the same steps, taking the circumference of the head,
starting a chain with a size around the head circumference, and dividing it into four sections.
Second pattern


 And then we rise three chains and make a double crochet stitch  on the first 6 stitches,
and between the 6 and 10 stitches on the side of the shoulder we make a chain only,
and on the next stitch we complete a double crochet  stitch on the 10 stitches, and we complete the rest in the same way,
so we do not make a shell and do not repeat the stitches  In the same stitch.

 And then we complete the second line, by making a double crochey stitch  over each stitch by double crochet,
and over the chain from the same place we do (double crochet stitch, chain, double crochet stitch),
and this increases 2 stitches from the chest and shoulders number 10 to the number 12, and the ends from 6  Stitches to 7.
 We complete the same way until we have the required sizes.
 Here we divide the sleeve area by the back and chest,
and we make a double crochet  stitch  over each column sorter, and over the chain in the corner we make 2 double crochet stitches ,
three chains, and then on the chain from the back side 2 double crochet stitches,
and we repeat that on the other side  .

 When to use a square crochet chest:

 The first style we use on jacket, bridal and tops that we want to be loose, comfortable.
 The second style we use in dresses and models that have details on the body.
 In this way, I clarified the way the two patterns worked, and I hope that the explanation is clear,
and that all the necessary things are needed to make a square crochet chest.

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